with Sin Comentarios

Sometimes I wish to die
Cause this life has hurt me bad
I’d like to see the end of this way
but life tells me
it’s not your time yet.

I thank God because you exist
because you are by my side on this way
yes, I know, you are so far away
but with your words in a letter
you make me feel so happy and close
thanks for being my friend

I’m not a suicidal woman
I only want to rest
I’m so tired of this life
that makes me cry.

You’ll never see a single tear
rolling through my face
because I need to keep all of them
deep inside my heart

Oh , my dear, don’t be scared
these are only feelings that I have.
When I feel alone, I think of you
I remember your face in my mind
I can see your mouth, your eyes
it makes me happy and give me strength
to continue with this life
I miss you all the time
I remember you with all my heart